The gourmet burgers and hot dogs the food truck serves. PICTURE: DIMPHO MAJA/ANA
If you plan on hitting the streets this winter, you’re bound to run into The Filthy Moustache, a local gourmet food truck in Johannesburg with American-style dining. 

The Filthy Moustache is called “filthy” for a reason – a napkin will be required when you are done eating. The gourmet burgers and hot dogs the food truck serves, demand you to eat by hand to fully enjoy the meal. 

“When we decided on our menu, we knew it was going to be mean and messy food. So the Filthy Moustache is essentially what you’re going to get left with after eating our food,” says co-owner Jade Greef. 

The food truck opened in 2016 after the owners, Greef and Candice Nicolas, watched Jon Favreau’s Chef, which is about a man who quits his position at world-renowned restaurant to start a food truck business that travels all over the US. 

The Filthy Moustache has six simple items on their menu – three burgers and three hot dogs.

The gourmet burgers and hot dogs the food truck serves demand you eat by hand to fully enjoy the meal. PICTURE: DIMPHO MAJA/ANA
The Bro-Stache – the first burger ever on the Filthy Moustache menu, is the most popular. This masterpiece isn’t just your “slap together” burger. 
It’s an appropriately-named grandiose gourmet experience. I fully recommend it. It comes with 180g beef patty that could double up as a pouffe in a seventies living room, one melted cheese choice, crispy bacon strips, golden brown caramelised onions and a sauce of one’s choice. 

The Lip Rug – for the spicy food lovers, is embellished with spicy jalapeños and isn’t for the capsaicin-sensitive customer. The burgers are juicy and reasonably priced considering the quality of the ingredients. Every time I think the burger wars have ended, another competitor joins the battlefield, and The Filthy Moustache is a strong contender.

The gourmet hot dogs on the menu are: the Crumb Catcher, the Lady-Tickler and the New Guy.
You can find The Filthy Moustache at Pure and Crafted, Deep Roots Market, Fourways Farmers Market, Rand Show, Bedfordview Night Market, and First Thursdays on Keyes Avenue.  You’ll also find them on Alice Lane in Sandton, once a month from Monday to Friday.