Atomo Coffee, a new startup based in Washington, USA has introduced a coffee that does not use beans, called Molecular Coffee. Picture: Pexels

If you're one of the people who love good coffee, I’m sure you spend a lot of time dealing with beans; researching roasters and the origin of their beans, buying and then grinding them fresh to get the best flavour.

But Atomo Coffee, a new startup based in Washington, USA apparently thinks that’s too much time and has introduced Molecular Coffee, coffee that doesn't use beans at all. 

According to Foodbeast, the product consists of a "ground coffee look-alike" that can be put through a brewer or coffee maker just like standard grounds. 

The food news site reports that Atomo’s head food scientist, Jarret Stopforth developed the product through identifying the key aroma flavour compounds in coffee, naturally sourcing them and creating a coffee ground-like base they could be added.

The two key reasons why Atomo invented their new molecular coffee is to get rid of the bitter notes that are often masked by cream and sugar, and it reduces the number of calories found in coffee but also improves the flavour appeal to those who don't like bitter coffee.

Another report was that the key reason for this novel coffee substitute is for sustainability. 

That with factors like climate change and drought threatening coffee tree farmers around the world, a pressing challenge for the future is how to meet coffee demands with what will likely be fewer available trees.

So Atomo is a substitute that can potentially address this in a sustainable fashion without sacrificing coffee's full sensory experience.