Do you have a milk tart recipe to die for?

Cake Boss Buddy Valastro, famous for his cake creations which feature regularly on various DStv channels, likes milk tart.

And so do IOL Lifestyle readers. In a poll on the site, 85 percent of Lifestyle readers say they love the traditional South African dish.

Valastro recently told IOL’s sister publication Weekend Argus that milk tart is delicious.

Valastro headlined the annual Cape Town edition of The Good Food and Wine Show.

The milk tart, from Zorina’s Cafe, was presented to him after his arrival in the city.

He said the milk tart reminded him of a custard tart, and something he’d seen in Portuguese bakeries.

After eating a little, he said: “The filling reminds me of a filling we make for our coconut custard pie. This is delicious. The base is good, but this is more about the milk.”

He admitted he had heard about SA’s milk tart before his arrival, and had wanted to try it. “I am also familiar with South African wines, but not too much with the cuisine.”

* So - do you have a milk tart recipe to die for? If so, please send it to [email protected] and we’ll publish it. If you have it from a cookbook, please let us have the original source so we can give credit where credit is due. And please indicate whether you are happy for us to use your name when we publish the recipes - otherwise, we will just use your first name. 

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