The ‘health hero’ fruits you should be eating to live longer. Pexels

Living longer may be possible if you practice a healthy lifestyle and do regular exercises and adding fruits to your diet can give you better results.  

We spoke to a health expert, Vanessa Ascencao, about the fruits we should be eating for good health.

Ascencao says studies show that foods rich in anti-oxidants may help you live longer and improve overall health.

“Anti-oxidants protect healthy cells and help counteract damage by sun exposure, poor diet, smoking, use of medications, toxicity, stress and age-related problems. The more anti-oxidant rich food you consume each day, the better”, she said.

According to Ascencao some of the best anti-oxidant fruits (organic) include:

Berries. Pexels


These are very high in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds and help fight high cholesterol, age related diseases, protect the brain and the heart.


Red grapes are rich in an anti-oxidant called resveratrol which has been known to fight cancer.

Oranges. Pexels


These are abundant in vitamin C which helps prevent damage to cells, boosts the immune system and helps prevent colds and ear infections.

Plums. Pexels


These are rich in vitamin C and phenols and contain an anti-oxidant which helps fight inflammation and guard against cell deterioration.

In addition, she says she recommends eating as much anti-oxidant rich food as possible, including organic vegetables, garlic, cayenne pepper, green tea extract Origine 8 and curcumin extract Bio-Curcumin both of which contain significant anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties.

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