BRINGING CHEER: The fruits of the vine complemented the flavours of the delicious dishes at the Gauteng Good Food & Wine Show at the Ticketpro Dome.Picture: Matthews Baloyi
Sherwyn Weaich is, The Morning Show's resident chef on's new breakfast show,. We spoke to him about his  love for South African food.

“I recall visiting my grandmother on the farm and eating usu (tripe) made over the fire with amadombolo and atchar, and then visiting my grandfather and having a slice of milk tart. I think it’s fairly obvious I’m mixed race, so that has given me the opportunity to eat so many different food made from the same ingredients but just prepared differently. " 

Sharing a selection of local food he loves he said it’s a tough one because each and every palette is different, but below are his favourites:
"In Kwa-Zulu Natal I grew up eating uphuthu but travel 500km north of Gauteng and it’s called Kremel Pap. It’s exactly the same thing. The Zulu have amagwinya, the Afrikaaners, the vetkoek; it’s about understanding the ingredients”, he said.

Here are his favourite South African foods:

Koeksisters (Picture: BBC South Africa) 
I can easily sit and eat a dozen by myself, the warmth, bursts of spice and flavour and when it’s tossed in that coconut. OMG I’m now hungry.

It doesn’t matter what curry it is, from mutton, lamb, chicken, or potato curry, this is served at every wedding in some shape or form, South Africans love a little spice and let’s be honest we all got that little red chilli in all of us. 


I saved the best for the last. I don’t think there is anything else that compares to shisanyama. We love it so much that we have a national holiday dedicated to it, National Braai Day. Here’s the thing though, it’s not just a meal, it’s an experience, and it’s our eKasi lifestyle, the music, the family, friends and the smell of meat cooking over an open flame. 

Asked how local food has changed in the past years and where will it be in the coming years, he said:

"With people becoming more aware about what’s going into their bodies, we are going to see a lot more vegetables and natural grains, think oat bowls and healthy alternatives".

Don’t waste, shop smart and eat smart. I see South Africans embracing African flavours to its truest extent. Its Africa’s time to shine, we are bold, we are unique, we are Africa, it’s time for the world to taste Africa”, said Weaich. 

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