The Canna Kitchen restaurant situated in the UK. Picture from Instagram (The Canna Kitchen)

The cannabis industry is booming, though where it’s headed is not really known as yet, but there’s plenty of excitement around the market lately.

We have seen breweries introducing cannabis infused beverages, restaurants and chefs also infusing cannabis in cuisine.

One restaurant I came across on the internet was The Canna Kitchen restaurant situated in the UK which specialises in vegetarian and vegan food infused with the legal cannabis compound cannabidiol, which is a non-psychoactive legal constituent of cannabis, believed to have therapeutic benefits. 

Hemp and CBD Chocolate Brownies, Vanilla and Hemp Ice Cream adorned with Caramelised Hazelnuts. Picture from Instagram (The Canna Kitchen)

The restaurant also serves dishes such as buckwheat and beetroot pancake with roast roots, smoked aubergine, zaa’tar roast cauliflower with hemp hear tabbouleh and cannabidiol cashew cheese.

According to their website, they want to "change the way people think about the cannabis plant". ​ 

They said cannabis is a highly nutritious, versatile and powerful herb; it is packed full of flavour, fragrance and natural therapeutic benefit and that they aim to redress dated stereotypes mislabeling this extraordinary natural resource purely as a recreational substance.

They added that their food is contemporary and fresh, using locally sourced and organic produce wherever possible.