The Pope’s advice for what to do with leftovers. Pexels

Pope Francis says leftover grub should serve as food for thought instead of getting thrown out.

The Pope told the faithful gathered in St. Peter's Square on Sunday that people should "examine their conscience" about what to do with leftovers. He suggested using them for another meal or donating them.

He says: "I'm thinking of people who are hungry and how many leftovers we throw away."

The Pope wants you to think carefully about your food leftovers. Pexels

The 81-year-old pope recommended asking grandparents for recipes that use leftovers. He often praises the elderly for their wisdom.

Francis said everyone should think about what happens to food leftover from big lunches and dinners.

If they do, he says the clear next step is to "cook them up again or donate them to whoever can eat them, who's in need."

The Pope himself is not exactly a Top Chef, but we do know what his favourite foods are. Pope Francis likes cauliflower and broccoli. 

The Pontiff has a 62-acre farm where olive oil is produced for him, and chickens are fed bits of communion wafers, that cannot be used for church service.

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