There is now a gin and tonic marmalade. Picture: Instagram (theginboxsa)
Gin lovers can now enjoy their favourite drink with their morning toast and you don’t even have to drink it. 

Spreadable Gin or Gin and Tonic marmalade give a whole new meaning to a boozy breakfast. 

The only difference is this G&T won’t get you drunk before you leave your home.

Forget the peanut butter, jam or marmite and start your day with add a spread of gin and tonic as that apparently “goes very well in a cucumber sandwich”. 

According to American online shop, Firebox, you can spread eat it, drink it, bake with it or devour it straight from the jar and it won’t give you a crippling hangover. 

“All of the alcohol is cooked off during the creation process so this heavenly ginjection won't give you a furious hangover,” the website states. 

Firebox also stocks a range of other boozy spreads including rum, whiskey and beer. 

The gin-infused marmalade is locally available at The Gin Box and retails for R65. 

The spread is made in small batches with oranges and lemons, laced with lashings of SA Craft Gin.

But you will have to be patient if you want to get your hands this boozy spread because it is currently out of stock.