These are Google's top 5 most searched for recipes for 2018. Pexels
These are Google's top 5 most searched for recipes for 2018. Pexels

These are Google's top 5 most searched for recipes for 2018

By Nathan Adams Time of article published Jan 2, 2019

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At some point in 2018, every foodie has turned to Google for either help in the kitchen, recipe inspiration or just to see what's out there.

The search engine has released its list of most searched for recipes in 2018 and some things on the list might make you want to type it into Google out of sheer curiosity.

Pecan nut pie. Picture by Bongiwe Mchunu

1. Pecan Pie

A pie has taken the number one spot and a tasty one as well (unless you're allergic to nuts). It's also worth remembering that in the USA, pecan pie is a thanksgiving staple so it will always rank high on a most searched list.

2. Hummingbird Food

Yes, this is the strangest one on the list. Many moons ago, a Hummingbird Cake was very popular. It consists of pineapple, banana and walnut, but it wasn't the cake that people were searching for. Believe it or not, people were actually looking for tips on what to feed their hummingbirds. Go figure!

Meatloaf is on the Top 5 list. Picture: Flickr

3. Meatloaf

Another American classic. It's really one of those dishes you either love or hate. If you live in the States, it's something you'll have to eat or make regularly and people are always looking for more meatloaf recipes and tips.

4. Beef Stroganoff

From Russia with love, Beef Stroganoff makes it into the Top 5. It's not that tricky to make, but it's also one of those dishes that can easily trip you up if you don't know what you're doing.

5. Pork chops

Pork chops with brandied cherries. Picture from The New York Times

The humble pork chop rounds off the list, braai it or fry it there are so many ways to prepare it. Meat lovers know that a chop is a staple but when you don't know how best to prepare it, Google is your friend.

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