The kind of foods we eat can be influenced by many factors. Bialasiewicz

A number of things have a powerful influence on how and what we eat. 

Speaking to a dietitian for Slender Wonder and Geneway, Dr Christa North about things that can affect our food choices, below is what she said.


  • Your income and what is available within your financial means is probably the primary factor to dictate what you put in your shopping basket. 

Social influences

  • These have a greater impact on food choices than knowledge and education!  Family, friend and marketing can affect it greatly- either positive or negative.


  • You are born with for example a "sweet tooth" or preference for other tastes e.g. salty. 
  • Genetics also is greatly involved in regulating appetite- are the genes functional that must message your brain that you have reached satiety, work or not?  Some people are simply more often hungry than others due to certain genetic 'faults'. 
  • And if you are hungry, you are hungry and will buy food, irrespective of social influences or education.