I love toasted cheese sandwiches. They are easy to make, take less than ten minutes and are mostly filling, depending on the bread you use. 
I'm more of panini person, hence my sandwiches are always filling. 
I grate the cheese, mixing it with little bit of mustard. I use mayonnaise instead of butter, thanks to mayonnaise not burning as easily as butter. 
A few flips later, my grilled cheeses is ready to eat. 

It turns out, I'm not the only fan of grilled cheese sandwiches. I'm also not the only one who finds ways to make it better, everytime I make it. I have since struck up friendships with people on Twitter, who share really interesting grilled cheese recipes they come across on social media. 

Even TV writers love grilled cheese, with a recent Black-ish episode showing how people were making threats at a grilled cheese sandwich on Instagram.

So since the internet loves (and loves to hate) grilled cheese, I thought I should share some of the most interesting grilled cheese recipe videos I've come across online. 


 Get your grilled cheese on! You're welcome.