Shopping basket order from Magic App
Technology in the food industry is growing at an exponential rate in variation, utility and customer care. 

There's no doubt that the future of the grocery shopping experience is mobile and if retailers want to maintain their competitive edge, being technologically savvy is central to sustainability. 
The retail market in South Africa is rife with opportunity when it comes to engaging with online consumers.

Magic App is a personal grocery shopping mobile application, and the brainchild of Clive Tigere in partnership with Wigroup.
Magic allows its customers to purchase groceries, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and liquor items from the comfort of your home, with a delivery time and of less than an hour. 

The app is currently operating in Johannesburg and Cape Town, with a mall-based model.

End users can make orders from Pick n’ Pay ann Pick n’ Pay Liquor, Woolworths, Dischem and Clicks in various malls, namely:

  • Canal Walk
  • Cavendish Square
  • Gardens Centre
  • Constantia Village
  • V & A Waterfront
  • Fourways Mall
  • Nicolway Bryanston
  • Chilli Lane Shopping Centre
  • Victory Park
  • Sandton City

Customers in black zones, outside of these aforementioned areas can still make requests to be charted on Magic’s road map. 

Some mobile applications function as virtual retailers with their own inventory and other services. 

Magic operates differently, in that by placing an order you’re basically employing someone to go to the store for you, with a driver to deliver your order.

In addition, it has a soft registration process which allows customers to browse the options available to them before committing. 
Prices are in-store and your card is only debited at the end of the transaction. 

Consumers are embracing the idea of buying certain packaged goods online because the convenience lies in not having to physically go to the store. This inadvertently makes Magic inclusive to the elderly, the bedridden and the physically disabled.

The smartphone revolution to inform the shopping trip is steadily gaining momentum. Download the Magic App from the App Store or Google Play to improve your shopping experience.