When it comes to food, we have been treated to some weird new combinations. Picture: Twitter/@GabbbarSingh
When it comes to food, we have been treated to some weird new combinations. Picture: Twitter/@GabbbarSingh

‘This is a crime against humanity’: Bizarre potato chips curry creation has tweeps fuming

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Jun 9, 2021

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When it comes to food, we have been treated to some weird new combinations.

From cereal and orange juice to ketchup and popcorn, we have known bizarre things.

As we go into each year, the experiments with food take a turn for the worse. This is not to say that every new food trend is a disaster, there certainly are exceptions. But the one we are going to talk about ranks among the most absurd and unfathomable. The latest and perhaps the weirdest trend is “potato chips curry”.

Images of this bizarre dish were posted on Facebook by a group called Kolkata Food Trotters. The gravy dish appeared to be made with an onion-tomato masala to which the chips were added. Whole green chillies were also used to garnish the eccentric creation.

It went viral after a Twitter user who goes by the name @GabbbarSingh, shared a screenshot of the potato chips curry post with the caption, “Minimum 14 years of rigorous imprisonment for this confession of murder.”

Foodies were appalled by the bizarre creation. Many thought it was one of the 'laziest dishes' they had ever come across while others said they would like to try it.

@lostbagur wrote: “For what it's worth, I feel tempted to try. There is a subtler version of this which is popular among the residents of North Bangalore. It is served in Sai Ram Chats - Malleshwaram.”

@vineeth_2905 wrote: “I mean it's just fried and flavoured aloo in gravy. Not a bad idea for a snack.” While @SakshamAroraaa said it is horrible and interesting at the same time.

All over the internet, people swear by unexpected food pairings that you would probably never dream of trying. But as it turns out, some of the strangest flavour combinations happen to be the most delicious. Last month, we reported on some of the most bizarre food combinations we found on TikTok. If you are willing to put your taste buds to the test, you might also want to try the below.

Cereal and orange juice

While milk may be the gold standard, many swear the orange juice and cereal pairing hits the spot in desperate late-night snacking situations. Orange juice pairs well with lighter-sugar cereals, bringing a ton of bright flavour and much-needed liquid.

Ketchup and popcorn

Ketchup is a condiment that tastes good on just about everything, but should that list include popcorn? It sounds like a controversial pairing but some people really enjoy squeezing some ketchup onto their bowl of popcorn.

Apples with salt and pepper

If you have tried apples with peanut butter, you might also want to try apples with salt which TikTokers say pair well together. Throw in pepper for a hint of spice, and you have got yourself an upgraded afternoon snack.

Oreos and orange juice

You have heard of dunking your Oreos into milk, but have you ever tried dipping them into orange juice? This one might be worth a shot because it is meant to taste like orange-flavoured chocolate, which is always a crowd-pleaser.

Mustard or carrots and apples

Most weird food cravings defy explanation, but some of the weirdest foods on TikTok take it to a whole other level. Take, for instance, the TikTokers who thought it was wise to put yellow mustard on apple or carrot slices. Yuck, right? Strange times call for strange flavour mixes.

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