It's International Beer Day. Picture: Pexels
Every first Friday of August, beer fans raise a glass to their favourite beverage. 

It started in 2007 when beer lover, Jesse Avshalomov, decided that there needs to be a special day to pay homage to beer and so International Beer Day came into being. 

Eleven years later, the world makes sure that it shows love to their beverage of choice, beer and looking at social media, it's a special day for many of them.

It wasn't just fans of beer who were toasting the day. Even respected organisations, like the Nobel Prize, tweeted about the historical importance of beer and celebrating Laureate, Eduard Buchner.

Celebrating? Pair your beer with these foods... 

Or cook with your beer... 

Beer Cornbread

Three Beer Recipes

Remember, don't drink and drive. That's why it's always best to drink at home, as this kind warning we posted on Instagram, states