Black rice is also high in protein, fibre, thiamin and niacin PICTURE:
Prepping your lunch is often healthier and cheaper than buying a meal deal every day, but it can come with its problems.

Anyone who has attempted bringing avocado into the office will tell you it has gone brown and those bringing in a salad will warn that the leaves often go soggy. 

Luckily there is a simple solution to guaranteeing crisp leaves in your lunch box every time and it involves just one ingredient.  Australian food bloggers Sammy & Bella claim that by adding black rice to your salad you can prevent it going soggy.

Speaking to Pedestrian the pair say: 'This humble grain is actually pretty damn fancy: it looks gorgeous, with that beaut dark purple colour. 

'It’s chewy and nutty and works perfectly as a flavour carrier in your salad, and best of all, it soaks up all the extra dressing and juices (looking at you, tomatoes) that appear in your salad at around 1pm and works as a magical de-sogger.

'It’s also basically a superfood, what with all its protein, fibre, thiamin and niacin.'

Aside from soggy salad leaves many office workers will agree that keeping an avocado green is near impossible by the time it gets to lunch. 

Luckily, Purewow discovered a nifty little hack to prevent your avocado turning brown and keep it looking green and delicious for at least 24 hours.

All you need is one ingredient and you probably already have it in your kitchen cupboard: Cooking spray.

According to the foodie genuises, simply 'spray the top of the dip with nonstick vegetable oil, olive oil or coconut oil spray'.

Then, they add: 'Cover (the halved avocado) with plastic wrap and store it in the fridge.'

The spray creates an oxygen barrier around the mashed avocado and stops any oxidation from occurring - which is what makes it turn brown.  

Daily Mail