The Vietnam born, France based Que Phuong Tran, has garned a large following because of how she presents her food for her son. PICTURE: INSTAGRAM
We all know of times that our parents struggled to get us to eat out vegetables. Even today, my nephews hate eating vegetables and it's always a struggle to get them to get them to comply. 

The threats to not give them dessert or juice, don't work anymore. They know their parents will still give them their treat, so why bother eating vegetables? 

You relate? Well, maybe this might help you get your children to get all their recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables. 

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Waiting for Vietnamese New Year: year of the pig, a year of fortune and luck 🤩 On the table: vietnamese braised chicken with ginger, soy sauce fried rice, boiled veggies (broccoli, zucchini, carrot); fresh clementine for dessert —- Bạn heo rừng để chào đón năm heo sắp tới Nay mẹ làm cơm chiên ăn với gà kho gừng và rau củ luộc, tráng miệng quýt —- #foodart #forLiam #yearofpig #happymeal #yummy #art_helps #vietnamesecuisine #vietfood #kawaii #creativefood #bento #kyaraben #funfood #obento #funfoodforkids #kidsfood #kidsmeal #ilovecooking #fooddiaries #foodie #asiancuisine #feedfeed #f52gram #sundaytreat #artculinaire #bonap #mangerequilibre #foodplating #potd #foodartist

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Que Phuong Tran, has garned a large following because of how she presents her food for her son. She describes herself as "A Vietnamese-born and Nice-based mother who loves plating fun and happy meals for his little prince." 

And looking at how much time she spends creating all these great dishes, it's clear that she really treats him like a prince. 

Her Instagram has become a showcase of her artistic skills and every time she uploads a new picture or video, she gets people excited and soon there are requests for 'How To' videos. 

So here are our favourite dishes she has created for her 'prince':

Rice mixed with dark soy sauce, fried eggs with green onions, stir-fried chinese cabbage and broccoli with oyster sauce, tomato (as reindeer’s nose), pickled lotus root (as snowflakes)
Fat King Kong: rice wrapped in nori, fried pork baloney, steamed veggies. 

Fried egg; avocado; broccoli, corn, tomatoes and quinoa salad