Nom Nom has a Pork Cloud. Picture by Khanya Myoli
Pork is tasty, anyway you decide to prepare it, but at Nom Nom
you can have a really special pork.

The Pork Cloud is a light, tube of pork crackling that has been a staple on the Nom Nom menu since it was opened it's doors at the beginning of the year.

Nom Nom is in Somerset West, and  Head Chef Sebastian has now taken the pork crackling to the sky and created this crunchy dish.

It might be a little bit of a messy and noisy affair because you're encouraged to break the crackling by hand.

For this pork cloud to arrive at your table in all its dramatic flair, the pork skin had to be dehydrated for 32 hours before being fried in a big, shallow pot to puff out into a cloud.

It is then dollied up with dots that burst with flavour.  
Chef Sebastian Smith from Nom Nom. Picture by Khanya Myoli.
The smoked raison gel adds sweetness, the spicy aioli with smoked paprika adds the kick with a creamy texture, the cider onion gel adds an umami touch and the seasonal beetroot gel rounds it up with a tangy flavor to balance the richness.  

It is then theatrically sprinkled with biltong dust, Togarashi spice and garnished with micro herbs.

And with all good dishes there is the perfect wine to pair with it, the Pork Cloud pairs well with a bottle of Pinot Noir 2015.