Keep your party simple and stress-free. Pexels

These simple food tips will ensure that even if it’s your first Halloween party, it will be so unforgettable it won’t be your last.

Don’t overthink it

  • You’ve hosted a dinner party before and a Halloween party is no different. 
  • Keep things simple, and don’t be intimidated by the social media videos of people carving pumpkins and creating intricate spider webs. 
  • Stick to green, orange or black foods and make simple adjustments to dishes you know won’t be a flop.

Let the decor do the work

  • If you keep your snacks and food simple then allow the decor to scream your theme. 
  • The options in SA for decor and costumes has improved over the years so that can be the creative outlet for you and your guests.

Get creative with your decor. Pexels

Don’t cook too much

  • Halloween is all about the treats so don’t cook a five course meal. 
  • Light snacks and a variety of desserts should be what you serve. 
  • Consider having a candy table, with spooky looking candies and candy floss. But add cupcakes and muffins to lift the experience and make it more grown up.

Consider the outdoors

  • There is nothing spookier than eating in the dark, so consider a set-up outside on a back porch or a deck. 
  • Keep in mind that in the USA it’s getting colder but here in SA we’re heading towards Summer.
  •  A string of fairy lights, boerewors rolls and burgers with eyes and faces made out veggies is a simple Instagram-worthy meal for Halloween.