Tips for eating out on a plant-based diet.
It's not everyday you get the team who make fat spreads, encouraging a plant based diet.

But the guys at Flora have been doing just that, and it's actually not that far fetched.

Their product has been endorsed by The Heart and Stroke Foundation, so instead of unhealthy butter they are encouraging people to make healthier options.

With this in mind they have provided a few great tips for anyone who's on a plant-based diet and still wants to enjoy a nice meal when dining out.

  • Choose a veggie/bean-based patty with lots of vegetables as toppings.
  • Order a salad instead of chips or wedges. 
  • Avoid creamy sauces and mayonnaise, rather ask for hummus or pesto where possible. 
  • Choose a focaccia with no cheese rather than a pizza. Add some delicious garlic, herbs and loads of vegetables. 
  • Or order a tomato-based pasta sauce, avoid any creamy sauces and cheese. 
Asian/ Indian
  • Asian and Indian restaurants usually have a great variety of plant-based options. 
  • Choose a stir-fry with rice or rice noodles or a curry. Avoid egg noodles if possible. 
Make the right choices when eating out.

Bistro/ coffee shop
  • It is usually possible to find a healthy plant-based option at any restaurant. Salads are always a good lunch option. 
  • If you are feeling hungry, order a slice of rye bread to go on the side. Or a hearty vegetable soup. 
  • If you’re getting a coffee, try a milk alternative like almond milk. 
  • Breakfasting and brunching without eggs may seem impossible but there are many options which do not have to include eggs. 
  • Try the hot oats, or avocado rye toast with grilled mushrooms and tomatoes. Or a fresh fruit salad with some nuts or muesli.
Last month, to mark Heart Health Awareness month, Flora challenged two local celebrities Roxy Burger and Selby Mkhize to find their natural balance and improve their heart health by partaking in a 21 Day Plant-Based Challenge.