There is nothing like sitting down at a table that looks interesting even before all the nice food gets there PICTURE:
As Christmas Day fast approaches, we start stressing about how our friends and family will be entertained around the dinner table on the day. 
There is nothing like sitting down at a table that looks interesting even before all the nice food gets there- that alone goes to show everything is in order and you are well prepared to host your guests.

Pulling off a perfect holiday dinner is not an easy job to do but best believe it, if the food is good and the table set to perfection that’s enough entertainment around the table. 

We asked Southern Sun Elangeni and Maharani Executive Chef, Shaun Munro and Executive Sous Chef, Prenolan Naidoo to share with us some tips for setting the perfect dinner table this Christmas day. 

“Christmas feast for both me and my family is about sharing with one another. It is normally a big lunch or early dinner whereby all of us get together and prepare different dishes that we sit and enjoy together”, said Naidoo.

Prenolan Naidoo’s Tips:
  • Know what you will be doing, have a plan and do not leave it for the last minute.
  • Have a nice centrepiece.
  • Place a mirror tile underneath the centrepiece as this is a good way of accentuating the table.
  • Use hand written place cards. This gives a personal touch.
  • Never forget the Christmas crackers.
Shaun Munro’s Tips:
  • Prior preparation is key. For example, do marinades, dressings, all the peeling, chopping and even some cooking beforehand. Do all this with the family, getting everyone involved in doing something. Sipping some wine, talking and wrapping gifts with some music etc. this way on the day there is less stress.
  • Cold starters (all done well in advance) – All you need to do is garnish and serve. Hot food try do most of it all before your guests arrive and have it on the hot tray/ warmer so again its just carving and serving to do. 
  • Have a themed/ festive arrival drink available for your guest as soon as they arrive. 
  • Have the drinks on the table all set and ready with glasses, openers, ice and lemon. This makes them feel immediately welcome and relaxed.
Happy Entertaining!