Kamini Pather shares her tips for creating an award winning dish - pic supplied.

Creating beautiful and delicious meals in the kitchen shouldn’t be a daunting task, says Kamini Pather. 

Pather was crowned winner of the season 2 MasterChef series – a highly contested title. In addition, she’s spent a substantial amount of time touring the globe for her Girl Eat World series.  

She’s now collaborating with dinner kit delivery service UCOOK, and has outlined her tips for creating an award-winning dish: 

1. Taste everything! Central to cooking is the development of your palate. Tasting is important to educating your senses and becoming a great chef.

2. Put a piece of yourself on the plate: Your heritage, your experience and your creativity all come together in cooking and letting your personality shine through will make for an amazing dish.

3. Stick with your first thought: Second guessing yourself in the kitchen leads to confusion.

4. Read the recipe from start to finish: strategy is important when tackling technical recipes.

5. Source local, in-season produce:  Pather strongly encourages the idea of eating local, “Finding local suppliers and opting for ingredients that are in season means that you’re less likely to serve up genetically modified ingredients in your meals.”

Pather says that every chef should always have three ingredients readily on hand:

1. Salted butter: Butter turns any dish into something truly indulgent. Butter is a game changer.

2. Onions are a must because they form the base for stews, curries, braises etc. They can also be used to balance a joint of meat whilst roasting or added to salads for crunch factor.

3. Cheese:  Cheese can turn dried spaghetti, a slice of bread or even mince into a real treat.

Pather has also announced her collaboration with dinner kit delivery service, UCOOK. The collaboration means that UCOOK will offer 3 dishes per week, over a period of 4 weeks to subscribers – all influenced by Pather’s heritage as well as the cuisine she’s experienced on her extensive travels. 

For more information visit UCOOK