Cloud bread. Picture: Supplied
Cloud bread. Picture: Supplied

Top 5 viral food moments of 2020 revealed

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Apr 3, 2021

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If social distancing has taught us something, it’s that cooking is therapeutic, and with viral TikTok recipes doing the rounds, anyone can become a master chef.

There’s no denying that the video-sharing app has become a firm favourite for cooking inspiration. From mouth-watering mini pancakes to delicious drip cakes, there are so many TikTok baking trends that you can easily master in your own kitchen.

Ever heard of baked feta pasta? With an impressive 8 billion video views on TikTok, the experts at Dr Oetker, a German multinational company that produces baking powder, cake mixes, frozen pizza, pudding, cake decoration, cornflakes, and various other products analysed over 100 trends to find the most popular bakes of all time, and below were the top five.

Baking expert at Dr Oetker, Beth Stevenson, said TikTok such a creative platform, it’s perfect when looking for new ideas of things to bake.

“As new trends pop up all the time it’s worth favouriting more generic hashtags, such as #baking or #cake, to see what’s popular at the moment, ready for the next time you need a little bit of baking inspo. Don’t worry if the first time you try it the bake doesn’t turn out as planned – that’s part of the fun of baking,” said Stevenson.

Cloud bread

Cloud bread racked up 3.1 billion views. Cloud bread is basically a flour-free bread that’s made from just three ingredients: egg white, sugar and cornflour. It gets its name from the light and fluffy texture you get once the batter has been whisked together, dolloped on to a baking sheet and baked in the oven.

Pancake cereal

Pancake cereal has around 1.6 billion views. This is exactly what it sounds like – cereal that’s made up of fluffy mini pancakes. The mash-up of two popular breakfast foods is not only delicious but incredibly cute. You’ll make them in the same way as American-style pancakes, but then it’s all about dripping just tiny amounts of batter into the pan. Once ready, your pancake cereal can be eaten in a bowl with milk or with a drizzle of syrup and melted butter.

Ice cream cake

Ice cream cake has clocked up over 477 400 000 views. A classic treat for the summer months, ice cream cakes have been back with a bang in the last year. There are all sorts of options to choose between when it comes to making these creamy cakes.

Sugar cookies

Sugar cookies – what South Africans call biscuits – have over 348 900 000 views. While almost all cookie recipes tend to have sugar in them, sugar cookies take it one step further thanks to their sweet (and often very colourful) icing. They’re super easy to make, plus you can have loads of fun decorating them with icing, sprinkles, and hundreds and thousands.

Mug cakes

Mug cakes gained over 370 300 000 views. For the ultimate easy baking technique, you can’t go wrong with a mug cake. This TikTok trend is particularly appealing if you’ve never baked before, thanks to the fact you need no special equipment. You won’t even need an oven.

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