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Top 5 ways to survive till Januworry payday

By Lifestyle reporter Time of article published Jan 20, 2020

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OK, so you blew your bonus on Christmas presents, that fab holiday in Plett and a new flat screen TV. But now there’s still a week to go till payday and you’re broke. Sometimes the answer to surviving on little or no money is simpler than you think, you just need to be more creative in your thinking. 

Here are IOL’s Top 5 ways to survive till Januworry payday:

1. In line with your New Year’s resolution to get fit - walk or cycle to work. So you work 25km away from the office? Get an early start.

2. Take all those empty wine and beer bottles stacked in the garage - from when you were living the high life - and return them to the back of the bottle store. Use that couple of rands to buy more alcohol. Go home and drink it.

3. Rock up at a friend’s house while they’re cooking dinner and tell them how great it smells. Rotate friends until payday. Be generous and bring the beer you bought with your empties.

4. Instead of going out, you could try reading at least the first chapter of those books given to you as Christmas presents by friends and family who think they know your literary tastes, but really, truly don’t.

5. Spend every evening making mixes with your existing music. Give these mixes as presents to those unfortunate friends of yours who have birthdays in January. 


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