A chicken feet and wine pairing. Picture by Nathan Adams
Chicken feet also known as amanqina enkukhu ora walkie talkies is a traditional South African snack that you either love or hate.

It could possibly be a meal on its own, but t here isn't much meat on the bone  so it's truly a snack or an appetiser to get your taste buds ready for what's to come.

A colleague who loves her chicken feet, told me that her ritual is to boils the chicken feet and prepare it while she's cooking and then while she's potting around in the kitchen she has her chicken delicacy as a snack.

The wine to pair with chicken feet needs to be complementary but also a balance to the spiciness of the seasoning of the meat.

Usually a combination of spices are used, so consider a wine that's a bit sweet, with soft fruity or floral notes.

Michelle Moller at the Square Cafe and Wine Bar did just that, and recommends the  Cederberg Bukettraube, 2018 for its sweet edge.

Cederberg also describes the wine as " an explosion of aroma and flavour....with a delicate sweetness and a crisp acidity. Enjoyed as an aperitif; partner to spicy fusion foods – not hot; sweet Cape curries, or goose liver and baked fruits".

WATCH:  A chicken feet and wine pairing

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