Baking is not for everyone. Picture:Twitter
Baking is not for everyone. Picture:Twitter

Tweeps share their funny baking disasters

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Apr 17, 2020

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With many of us around the country doing the sensible thing and adhering to the lockdown rules, many people are trying to find new hobbies in order to kill time. 

To keep themselves busy during lockdown comfort baking has been key. They have taken up making their own breads, biscuits, and cakes. 

While some have impressed themselves by baking up some tasty treats, others have not been quite successful. 

The thing about baking is that it's a science. Everything must be the right quantity, baked at the right temperature at the correct amount of time, for it to be perfect. 

Unless you are a professional and have been baking for years, winging it is not going to work when it comes to baking. 

So seeing the many disasters that people are sharing on social media, is once again a confirmation that baking is a science. 

While scrolling the internet we have found some of the funniest baking mishaps, that we had to share it with you - because we all need a laugh. 

One woman posted cookies that she made but did not come out right as they stuck together. 

“Help my cookies are not social distancing”, she wrote. 

Her followers suggested that she uses a knife to distance them. 

Another woman tried to make banana bread which was a big fail. 

She wrote that it was supposed to be a nice, neat, braided circle of chocolate, caramel, and banana filled chocolate yeast bread, but the strands all burst and it ended up looking like a pan of sasquatch feces.

And someone’s wife tried baking a cake but the end result is just shocking and funny. 

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