Twitter drags Debonairs for undercooked pizza. Picture from Facebook

The first day of the new year is supposed to be cheerful for everyone, but for one Twitter user, it was not. 

This week, @Vuyo_Unchained ordered pizza from Debonairs only to receive undercooked. This happens after he waited for over two hours for his order. 

He then posted a short video of the pizza that shows the cheese was not melted, and the tomato was still uncooked.

Tweeps quickly weighed in on the matter with some users saying they are done with the restaurant, and some saying they never liked Debonairs pizza from the beginning. 

@27_mashiyi said, “I think I am done with Debonairs Pizza. You don't value your customers. At all.”

@MasiloRamathoka said, “I think I am done with Debonairs [email protected] should be canceled Period … You don't value your customers. At all.” 

Another user, @Vhugzy said it’s funny seeing people having meltdowns about Debonairs and that he doesn't even remember the last time he ate pizza from those people, and that we need to love ourselves better. 

While several people had bad reviews about the restaurant, some users came to their defense saying they never encountered bad service with the restaurant.