Gareth Daniell aka BraaiBoy has broken a world record for braaing. Picture: Thobile Mathonsi

Johannesburg - It’s official. BraaiBoy has made his way into the Guiness World Book of Records for braaing non-stop for more than 60 hours.

Gareth Daniell removed his last piece of meat from the braai at Super Sport Park on Sunday at 12.15am.

The clock was stopped at 62:16:06 and the record was officially recognised by a judge from the Guiness World Book of Records who issued Daniell with a certificate.

“Gosh, it was a great experience, I’m so relieved and proud,” he said.

Daniell started braaing on Thursday morning at 8am.

He braaied five different pieces of meat every 20 to 25 minutes, only taking a three-minute break every few hours.

On Friday, Daniel had only taken three, three-minute breaks after braaing for 28 hours.

“I am overwhelmed by all the support. I had so much support from family, friends and total strangers,” he said.

When asked if he would be braaing again on Sunday, Daniell replied: “I have already braaied today. I took the last piece of meat off the fire this morning.

“For now I’m going to sleep and just take it easy,” he said.

To make it into the Guiness World Book of Records, Daniell had to break the record for the longest continuous time for cooking meat on a barbecue, which stood at 32 hours.

Daniel said he had decided on 60 hours to ensure he would break any official and unofficial records.

Two independent witnesses as well as two time keepers had to be present at all times.

Daniell said he would continue to braai every day and would make a special appearance at Hunt-ex (an expo for largest expo for hunters and sport shooters) on national braai day on September 24. - Pretoria News

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