Amasi with tomato sauce. Picture: Supplied
Amasi with tomato sauce. Picture: Supplied

Unpopular opinion: Stop adding unnecessary things to amasi

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Apr 30, 2020

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For years, social media users in the country have been engaging in a quarrel over how best to serve and enjoy amasi (maas). 

Some say it is best enjoyed with sugar and some say it is best enjoyed without sugar. Others prefer it with cream, while some believe that adding powdered milk and coffee creamer makes amasi taste better.

Amasi is not to be eaten with sugar, tomato sauce, Ultramel or Oreos. Picture: Supplied

Let me be upfront on where I stand: amasi is best enjoyed without sugar. Sugar is not meant to be put in amasi, it just messes up the meal. It's like those people who put sugar into cereal. What is the point?

And before you say I mustn't knock it before I have tried it. Don't. I have tasted amasi with sugar and it tasted awful.

Amasi with Ultramel. Picture: Supplied

There is a statement I once came across that read, “people who eat amasi with sugar are less African.” It was funny, but of course I don't agree with that.

For me, it is not a case of being less African or whatnot, but sugar spoils the rich taste of amasi. Why buy something sour and then you want to put your own ingredients to make it sweet? What is the point?

Amasi with Oreos. Picture: Supplied

Anyway, I thought this was the only weird thing people do with amasi until this week when I was introduced to more. Not only do people combine sugar with amasi, but they also have the food staple with Oreos, Ultramel, and tomato sauce. 

Below are some of people’s reactions to the combinations. 

Are you brave enough to try any of these combinations? Which one are you brave enough to try? 

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