DOORSTEP DELIVERY: A fresh fruit kit from Washesha.
Going to pick up a few groceries that you need can be a real hassle. Sometimes you need things fast and there is really no time to get to the shops and standing in those long queues can be very annoying. 
Now wouldn’t it be nice and easy if your groceries came to you while you were sitting at home? Well, you are in for a treat as Washesha is here for you. 
Washesha is an online grocery store with express delivery (including meal kits, fresh fruit, vegetables and over-the-counter medicine). 
The director of Washesha, Kutlwano Hutamo, said Washesha was launched in April because: “I am a lazy shopper and I really dislike grocery shopping”.
“So I got this Washesha idea and pitched it during an entrepreneurship module which is part of my MBA course work. 
“After completing the MBA, I partnered up with one of my classmates, Stanislav Gelman, who has a strong IT background and Washesha was born,” Hutamo said. 

“We are like your own customised grocery store with a personal touch. We really connect with our customers and strive to keep them happy at all times as we deliver their groceries within two hours.  We have various suppliers; black farmers supplying us with fresh produce; suppliers ginger beer, non-alcoholic wine, nuts, dish-washing liquid and eggs. For our fresh produce, we offer crates which contain a mix of fruit and vegetables.  Our subscriptions include four to five weekly deliveries and a free crate.”

Hutamo said the popularity of food subscriptions was high.  “People are excited about it as they say it forces them to eat healthily and saves them time because they don’t have to go to the store to buy their weekly fresh produce as it gets delivered to their doorstep.”

Apart from your chosen groceries, Washesha offers meal kits which contain ingredients to make a specific meal.   “For instance, if you want to prepare our Summer Scrabble, you would buy the meal kit and receive a pack containing all the ingredients necessary to make the dish. Each meal kit has a different price depending on the ingredients inside. There are different recipes for breakfast, lunch and supper.” 

Washesha is open 24 hours a day, seven day’s week and delivers in Johannesburg (including Soweto and Cosmo City), Midrand, East Rand and Pretoria East. 
People who would like to  order from Washesha can visit