Being vegan doesn't mean you have to give up your favourite beer.
Veganism is not just about being conscious about what you eat, but also what you drink — especially alcohol. 

Many of the wines, beers, spirits and ciders we enjoy either contain animal products or by-products like milk, honey or egg whites.  It’s World Vegan Day and I’ve decided to ditch my carnivorous lifestyle and go vegan for the month.

With every major retailer launching their own range of vegan products, think Checkers Simple Truth and Woolworths’ Plant-based, finding vegan foods is an easy task.  

If I am going to take my new lifestyle change seriously and attempt to become full vegan, then I will also have to watch what I drink.  
If you’re a new vegan and, like me, you still want to enjoy your tofu dish with a glass of wine, beer or bubbles on the side, here’s a list of vegan-friendly drinks you can have with your meal

Vegan SA is an online vegan directory that lists a wide range of vegan foods, drinks and even recipes. Here are just some of the vegan-friendly drinks you can enjoy this summer. 

Vegan-friendly Beers and ciders  
  • Amstel
  • Beck's Non-Alcoholic
  • Castle Lager/Lite
  • Devil’s Peak 
  • Hansa 
  • Miller Genuine Draft
  • Windhoek
  • Hunters Dry
  • Savanna
  • Foundry
Vegan-friendly spirits
  • J&B Rare
  • Jack Daniel’s 
  • Wellington VO Brandy
  • Klipdrift 

Vegan-friendly wines 
  • Bon Cap Organic Wines
  • Douglas Green
  • Fairview Wines
  • Graham Beck Wines
  • Namaqua Wines
  • Reyneke Organic