Megan Bailey, a Johannesburg- based nutritionist says she started cutting red meat and dairy out of her diet when she was 16-years-old.

Five years ago she transitioned from vegetarian to vegan and says her new lifestyle helped improve her health.  “I cut out red meat and dairy for health reasons and since going vegan, and cutting out chicken, fish, eggs and honey (and dairy, meat) my health has improved. 

"I had very bad anaemia, which is a genetic thing in my family, and within two to three months I pretty much sorted it out by being vegan.  It’s an amazing choice for health and a compassionate was an incredible choice for me."

While Bailey says it's difficult getting to a place where you are fully vegan, she says it easy to maintain the lifestyle. 

" Being vegan is easy, there is so much variety out there. As veganism becomes more popular, there are more food choices, food products and restaurants. However, the ideals around veganism are  hard to keep with as our society is not created around the lifestyle. The use of plastic that we throw away, medication is often tested on animals, the list goes on. A vegan life is still something to strive for. Just having a vegan diet is still extremely beneficial."

Baily says since being vegan she hasn't used  medication or seen a doctor

"For people on medication, if its chronic is it needed, but I believe with a healthy, vegan lifestyle, many chronic disorders can be reversed and there may not be a need for medication," she says.