The vegan lifestyle isn’t cheap, especially when you’re new to it.
It's been a week since I've been meat and dairy free and my body is slowly getting used to the change.

I'm on day nine and although I've been feeling a bit sluggish at times, my body seems to be adapting to my new lifestyle.  

Tuesday morning, however, I was ready to throw in the towel after just six days.

Aside from a bad cold, which I credit to the extreme hot and cold weather changes in Cape Town, my body felt fine. 

On Tuesday I woke up feeling sluggish, sleepy and weak.

It was strange because my cold had already cleared up by this time, so I figured that this must be the “changes” dietitian, Jessica Kotlowitz spoke about last week.

The vegan lifestyle isn’t cheap, especially when you’re new to it, but once you get into the habit of planning your meals, it becomes easier.

This brings me to another challenge - meal planning. 

I have never been one to plan my meals but since going vegan this has become my new normal. 

I nervously prepared each meal, taking in very little of whatever I’m making because I have no idea what to expect. 

I'm pleased to have found a few favourites already. 

Breakfast is usually a switch between Checkers Simple Truth crushed wholewheat flakes, which tastes a lot like Weet-Bix, and the wholegrain instant oats, which I have with almond milk.

My vegan starter pack includes a selection of snacks, cereal, cheese, spreads and convenient meals.

I also had the Fry’s Family Company chicken-style burgers for the first time last weekend and I loved it. 

I had to check the box several times to check if it’s really vegan. 

Another Fry's favourite is the mutton-style curry pies, although it's a bit spicy it tastes exactly like the curry pies I'm used to - in fact even better. 

I knew these pies were a winner when my partner told me how much he liked it and he had no idea he was eating a vegan pie.

Among my least favourites so far is Woolworth's sweet potato, butter bean and red pepper sausages from their new Plant- Base range.

A note to Woolies - and other vegan producers - if it says sausage (or chicken) on the packaging, it had better taste like sausage (or chicken).