Cape Town yoga instructor, Chad Cupido believes the key to raising awareness about veganism is to more open-minded. Picture supplied
Cape Town yoga instructor, Chad Cupido   is currently transitioning from vegetarian to  vegan.

The 27-year-old founder of Omniyoga started his transition a year ago and  says he is " vegan-conscious" .

"I started off vegetarian (five  years ago), and I am in the transition  process. So I'm not fully vegan yet.  I don't do milk,  cheese, eggs or any dairy but if,  for example, I buy a muffin and it  contains eggs, I will still eat it.  I still need to look after my  body and, unfortunately, there  are not many alternatives for me  that are pure vegan. I am still human,  and I don’t want to restrict myself,"  Cupido says.

Cupido believes it's im possible to be 100% vegan and  says there are different levels to  the lifestyle.

"I'm conscious about becoming  vegan and I am trying my best to  keep my diet as vegan as possible. I  don't restrict myself. It's very difficult  to be 100% vegan.  Some vegans don't  eat honey, some don't wear leather,  and others don't buy products from  places that sell other animal products.  So there are different levels (to veganism)," he says.

Cupido says his goal is to "eat the  most healthy food I can possibly eat  that's mainly plant-based".

"No one can be pure vegan. I  would say people are vegan-conscious.  It's all relative to people's experience,  their circumstances, their budget and  their surroundings.  The best way to spread  the word about veganism would be  to be more open and not be too  strict," he says.