Fashion designer Victoria Beckham. (Pic: Bobby Yip, Reuters)

Victoria Beckham celebrated her 44th birthday on Tuesday 17 April and of course she had a birthday cake like no other.

Sharing a video clip and creating an Instagram story, the former Spice Girl did not do a sponge cake with icing and all the trimmings.

Posting a picture of it online she says: ‘Fruit birthday cake for breakfast!' 

The fashion designer also shared a video in which she cuts into the cake while her daughter Harper, six, sings happy birthday. 

But while the mother of four was delighted with the fruity treat for her birthday on Tuesday, some of her social media followers were less impressed. 

One posted: ‘If you can't treat yourself to a piece of cake on your birthday, then that's a very sad life!' Another said: ‘It's your birthday, let your hair down... saddest looking birthday cake ever!' 

Of course Mrs Beckham has a strict diet, she eats salmon every day and you’ll find her in the gym for two hours every morning. 

For the record a slice of watermelon (or as Victoria Beckham calls it birthday cake) is just 30 calories that’s ten times less than a piece of chocolate sponge cake.