Some of the ingredients the prisoner used to create his meals. Picture from DailyMail/Youtube

He is one brave chef, but now this prisoners has closed the Instagram account he was using to share his gourmet recipes.

The brazen prisoner uses contraband cooking gear and smuggled grub to show his creations to his 10,000 followers on Instagram. Photos and videos uploaded to the website were taken on an illegal mobile phone from inside an unknown prison. 

His feasts include fish and chip suppers, full English fry-ups, Chinese food, cakes, accompanied by vodka.

One snap shows a meal of grilled chicken legs, potato salad and avocado, which he was able to make with what looks like a contraband Breville Grill. 

The unnamed convict, who calls himself @cheffing-hmp online, has also made chicken hotpots in his slow-cooker.

The inmate, who has not been identified and keeps his face hidden by a bandana, posts videos bragging about his cushy lifestyle as he listens to rap music on his stereo and flexes his muscles for the camera. In one clip, he even performs a magic trick. 

His online followers are quick to praise the convict's culinary expertise. One fan called y1.kf wrote: You're eating too good.' Another, bad-gal-dmz, commented: "This page makes me f****** hungry... you're literally teasing us."

Meanwhile, @wildeypt asked: "How you getting all these ingredients in pen? I struggled to get some noodles."

The Instagram account has since been taken down.

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