A watermelon that looks and tastes like a steak. Picture from Twitter.
This is not what you'd instinctively do when you buy a watermelon and need to prepare it — turn it into a steak.

But that's exactly what this New York eatery has done and it's been baffling foodies.

Ducks Eatery has done though and it's taken a lot of time and effort for them to do it.

How they turn a watermelon into steak
  • Smoke the watermelon for four hours
  • Brine it in a combination of salt, ash and spices for four days
  • Smoke it for another 8 hours
  • Roast the watermelon in a pan in its own juices

WATCH: Foodbeast reviews the watermelon steak:

Of course, this isn't the exact recipe, Ducks Eatery would want you to sit down and enjoy the watermelon steak rather than making your own one at home.

It's also the perfect meal if you've just recently adopted a vegan or vegetarian diet but you miss the smell, taste and look of a juicy steak.

Ducks Eatery is a well-known steakhouse though so this watermelon steak is a complete change from everything else on their menu.