The aftermath of the incident. Picture by Steve Allen.

A “river of beer” flowed through Manchester this week, as JW Lees’ Greengate Brewery sprang a leak. 

According to The Drink Business, the incident was caused by malfunctioning keg at the brewery, which overflowed and send torrents of wort - the sugary liquid extracted from the mashing process during the brewing of beer – spilling from the sky.

A spokesman for J.W. Lees said it was not a major incident and that no one was hurt and added that many of the brewery’s employees were not even aware the incident happened, reported the website.

In the video the waterfall of beer can be seen that it began at one of the highest points of the building, capturing complete attention for motorists and pedestrians alike.  What also looks like smoke can also be seen rising into the air but understood to be steam.

Passersby are also seen stopping and astonished by the beer waterfall.