DIY birthday number cake inspiration. Picture from So Yummy. Facebook

Getting birthday cake inspiration can be difficult, especially when it's a child's birthday cake.

Artisinal cakes are expensive, and even more so when you have your heart set on a theme for the birthday party.

Deciding to make your own cake and planning exactly what to do is also stress that if you can, you'd want to avoid. 

The cake needs to be memorable because every children's birthday party is a milestone, especially the first one.

Stick to a simple sponge that you can mix and then bake in batches and once you have all the sponge you need, then you have to do the tricky bit of cutting out the right pieces to make an intricate shape.

Keep in mind that icing is your friend, and will cover up any mishaps and patches that you might need to keep out of sight. 

In this video, you can learn the basics but if you want to make a really special cake then consider using different coloured and flavoured sponges.

WATCH: DIY birthday number cake inspiration

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