Let Them Eat Candles, has made edible birthday candles. Photo by Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post.
No birthday cake is complete without a candle, b ut the risk of candle wax melting over your cake can be a party spoiler.

An American based company, Let Them Eat Candles, has come up with a solution to this burning problem - edible candles made from chocolate. 
Along with trick candles, number candles, sparkler candles and character candles, edible candles are sure to be the next big thing to expect at birthday parties and celebrations

The 3-pack birthday candles come in milk and dark chocolate with whimsical patterns to match the cake. 

The short wick, which is made from paraffin-coated cotton, burns long enough for you to sing Happy Birthday - twice. 
According to the packaging information, the birthday song is 22 seconds long and the candle burns for 55 seconds, that leaves you with 11 seconds to say your thanks and blow out the candle. 

South Africa's first Michelin Star chef and author, Jan Hendrick van der Westhuizen also developed an edible candle. 
The candle, which is served as a dish at his French restaurant, is made with fat, crackling, an ash coating and accompanied with a mosbolletjie roll.
Once the candle burns out, guests can soak up the sauce with the roll.

The next time I blow out a candle, I may be tempted to take a bite and see what it's made of.