Carbi B has shared her food cravings with Ellen - Pic from EllenTube.

Cardi B loves her Mexican and Chinese food but being weeks away from giving birth, she's allowing herself a few indulgences.

Last year the Be Careful hitmaker shared her favourite foods with Billboard Music and it wasn't that unbelievable.

During an appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show last week, Cardi was quizzed about her cravings and what she is indulging in. It was one of the first things Ellen asked her when she sat down and the cameras started rolling.

She told Ellen that for one week all she's been craving is ice cream, ice cream, ice cream. Unfortunately Ellen had been told that Cardi B was craving a different sweet treat, but she accepted the goodies none the less.

For her birthday last year Cardi B's mom bought her a set of pots which she unwrapped and then exclaimed: "My mom got me a set of pots! She says I need to cook for my man."

The I Like It hitmaker is not a real foodie and doesn't spend much time in the kitchen or cooking, preferring to order takeaways. Now that she's eating for two, Cardi has thrown her meal plan away and given in to all her cravings.

Earlier this month she tweeted that she had what she believed to be a very weird craving (not food related) but it got social media buzzing.