If you're still eating messy mangoes then you're doing it wrong. Picture: Instagram (hospitalcma)

Mangoes are my favourite summer fruit and they also happen to be in season. 

They’re available on almost every street corner and all good fruit and veg stores and you can buy a decent size mango for as little as R5. 

While they taste great, mangoes are notoriously messy fruits and let's not forget about that giant hairy pip that’s enough to put you off a perfectly good mango. 

The real battle is getting as much of the flesh off the pip without getting the little hair stuck between your teeth. 

Thankfully, I have come across two very helpful hacks that limit the mess, plus you get the most out of your mango. 

Admittedly, these aren’t new tips and I can't take any credit for them, but I was surprised by how many people still don’t about these hacks. 

The first tip is one I got from my mother, and that’s to have your mango chilled and not at room temperature. The colder the mango, the better it is to cut through it with very little mess.  

There's no better way to enjoy a mango anyway. 

I was reminded of the second tip during an episode of TLC’s 90 Days to Wed, where one of the fiancés (although I can’t remember which one) showed their partner how to slice a mango in cubes and enjoy it off the skin without wasting a single drop of juice. 

If you’re still having messy mangoes, then you’ve been doing it wrong. 

Here’s how it should be done…