The cocktails, which are designed with Absolut's five ambassadors in mind
Friday, February 23, is one of the biggest parties in Durban, where musicians,  Khuli Chana and Sho Madjozi will be kicking off their two city tour of South Africa, ahead of the  One Source Live Festival this March. 

Xitsonga actress and artist, Sho Madjozi, famous for her hit song, Dumi HiPhone will perform at the first event in Durban at the city's top party spot, Views at 25. 
Sho Madjozi. Picture: Supplied
Music lovers will get a first taste of what to expect at One Source Live when emerging creatives across music, fashion and art all come together to celebrate African creativity when the continent converges in Jo’burg for a unique experience. 

Chana and  Madjozi will not stand alone as they spread the flames of the African creative movement. They will ascend the stage alongside a league of star DJs churning out electrifying grooves to ignite the revolution as it spreads across the country and the world.

DJ Voodoo will light up the night in both Durban and Jo’Burg with a host of local resident DJs who will hold up the musical flame when Madjozi arrives for the lead-up events.

But what's a party without amazing drinks? We exclusively got the list of the designer cocktails that will be served at the parties and at the One Source Live Festival. The cocktails are designed with Absolut's five ambassadors in mind. The ambassadors are  Khuli Chana, Sho Madjozi, Trevor Stuurman, Fabrice Monteiro and Osborne Macharia. 

Watermelon Cosmopolitan: The Explorer

30ml Absolut Citron
15ml Triple Sec
60ml Cranberry Juice
20ml Melon Syrup
Dash Lemon Juice
Dash Lime Cordial
3 Watermelon  Chunks


Muddle fruit and 
Shake and strain 
over cubed i
Pour cocktail into Stemmed 
Tumbler (or glass of your choice)
Garnish with 
2 Melon Slices

Lime Mimosa: Iron warrior


35ml Absolut Lime
25ml Lemon Juice
20ml Gomm
8-12 Mint leaves
Lime Squeeze


Muddle Mint and 
Build other 
Add Crushed 
Pour in a Consol Jar or glass of choice
Garnish with Mint sprig &  Lime wedge