Deal with the plastic straw ban the delicious way.

For years, the use of plastic straws has been topical. They've been commonplace at restaurants and bars when it comes to beverages like milkshakes, cocktails or crafts. 

But that's all changed, due to effective campaigns advocating the banning of plastic straws in an effort to save the environment.

These days, whether you are at a trendy bar or out for a meal at a restaurant, it is not entirely shocking to be handed a tube of paper instead of a sturdy, stable plastic straw.

If you’re one of the people who doesn't like using the paper straw replacement, here are a few alternatives you can try to create your own straw using food.

An Instagram account titled Foody Fixation posted a video showing three methods you can use in creating your own straw using food such as jolly ranchers, bacon and pancake batter.