Lorna Maseko shares her seasoning tips and tricks - Twitter
Spicing your meat and poultry is a fine art and everyone has their own tips and tricks.

The method is as important as the combination and quality of spices you use.

Last week Robertson invited spice lovers and a few celeb chefs to a Masterclass at the Cooks Playground in Cape Town to get some spice and rub inspiration.

Lorna Maseko, Ash Heeger and Jason Whitehead all cooked up something special using a variety of rubs including, Cajun Creole, Spicy Moroccan and Brazilian Smokehouse.

For the uninitiated rubs are courser than spices and usually used more liberally than you would your favourite seasoning. There is always the option to still use your usual seasonings, salt, pepper and spices when preparing your dish with a rub but once you start a journey with a quality rub you'll elevate your meat, fish or poultry to new heights.

Celeb chef and host of the SABC 3 show The Hostess was inspired by the rubs and shared a few of her reasons why it spices up her life:

Celeb chefs cook with the new range of rubs - ANA
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