Picture from Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia/ Rob Tannenbaum.

Martha Stewart has discovered a very interesting hack to making scrambled eggs, but Facebook users are not sold.

Three weeks ago, American pay television channel, Food Network posted a video of Stewart demonstrating how to whip up the “softest, fluffiest scrambled eggs” and the demonstration has since received all sorts of criticism.  

The video shows Stewart breaking two eggs, adding a pinch of salt and butter before using a cappuccino machine's steam wand to cook it, leaving viewers very confused. 

One Facebook user, Steven Gras-Derost wrote, “next we’ll learn how to make coleslaw with a cabbage and a ceiling fan”.

Another user, Julie Moore said, “and for her next trick… she’ll teach you how to make a shiv out of a toothbrush.” 

But one random user, Anna Fernandes came to her defence saying, “there is nothing wrong to try something different with different cooking appliances .., the cappuccino milk steamer is part of the food appliances. Just coz Martha Stewart used another home appliances to prepare soft fluffed scrambled eggs that doesn’t mean we can’t use new methods with home or cafe appliances. Chefs have used so many different tools to cook food for the past many centuries. Isn’t it?”

At the time of writing, the video had been shared over three thousand times and with over four thousand comments.