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WATCH: 'MasterChef's' Ben Ungermann can't wait to call SA home

By Kelly-Jane Turner Time of article published Aug 26, 2019

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'MasterChef' runner up for 2017 Ben Ungermann says he is hoping to call South Africa home by 2020.

He shared his excitement about his potential move before he presented an ice cream masterclass and dessert degustation at Capsicum Culinary Studio.
“I love South Africa, I’ll be back again just before the end of the year, and I’m hoping by 2020 to call this home. I can’t wait to be here permanently and yeah watch this space because there is plenty of big things coming,” he said.

Guests who attended the masterclass got all of Ungermann’s top ice cream making tips. “They are getting my full-blown recipe. I’m not holding back on anything. It’s legitimately exactly what I used to do on the show.”

“It’s what I reproduce also in Ungermann Brothers, in Australia, which is my ice cream parlour, which I opened up with my brother and my family.”

The trick to his new innovative way to make ice cream is that there is no cooking involved. The anglaise is made chilled, and he says this is advantageous because the ice cream is made quicker, creamier, and it’s 100% natural because no stabilisers are added.

The guest received a four course dessert degustation. This included a lemongrass and vanilla ice cream, with a coconut shortbread, pineapple, honeydew, and also a coriander powder.

The second course was a layered spice crepe cake, with a Dutch twist. The herbs and spices are the same found in speculaas, a famous Dutch biscuit. The crepe cake was paired with some toasted meringues and flowers.

Next was a strawberry balsamic ice cream, with goats cheese, shortbread, a strawberry gel, and basil.

The fourth and final course was Ungermann’s Forest Log Law which he describes as his "hail Mary". 

It resembles a log or tree trunk and has elements such as a dark chocolate truffle mousse, caramel cake, salted butterscotch and chocolate biscuit. What looks like an actual mushroom on the top of the log is a toasted meringue paired with a hazelnut ice cream. 

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