Earlier this month, TikTok user, Sean Gonzalez, garnered a lot of attention on the social media platform for his video about pizza.
Earlier this month, TikTok user, Sean Gonzalez, garnered a lot of attention on the social media platform for his video about pizza.

WATCH: No, that’s not how you reheat pizza

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Dec 27, 2020

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The internet is a place of life-changing hacks for anyone who is looking. When it comes to cooking, there are a whole lot of tips that promise to make your life easier in the kitchen, save time and give you delicious food all at the same time.

Earlier this month, TikTok user, Sean Gonzalez, garnered a lot of attention on the social media platform for his video about pizza.

He shared a clip of himself reheating leftover slices of pizza in a toaster and was labelled “crazy” and “insane” by concerned viewers. Gonzalez is seen picking up two slices of pizza, putting them in the toaster and pushing it down before turning the device on its side. He then places a plate in front of the slots and when the toaster is done, the pizza slices pop straight out onto it.

“I need people to start respecting my skill and innovation”, Gonzalez wrote.


I need people to start respecting my skill and innovation.

♬ could a depressed person do this - em

Over 313 000 people liked the video and more than 1 400 commented. Some thought it was a great idea, but others were not impressed and more interested in what was on his pizza.

One user wrote: “These are the life hacks we actually need.”

Another wrote: “Bro you got pineapple on a pizza just no."

“I. Sorry. Is. That. Pineapple. On. Your. Pizza.” and “He's got pineapple on pizza so he’s insane,” were other comments.

Some pointed out how dangerous and “crazy” the whole thing was and urged people not to try this at home and risk setting their kitchen on fire.

One user wrote: “Y'all PLEASE do not do this omg.”

Another said: “Ahh I did this once and the cheese melted into my toaster.”

In June, the experts at Domino’s took to their website to share quick hacks for reheating pizza. The pizza chain’s Australian arm admitted it would not be perfect, but the results would be far better than the old ways.

So, for the love of leftovers, they shared the best ways to give yourself a second run at that pizza which may even rival the fresh piping hot perfection itself.

Crust a la Churro

Never one to shy away from a creative cooking solution, this culinary sensation originates from the Domino’s Japan team. Simply remove all crusts from your leftover slices, fry them up in a butter doused pan and add icing sugar. Sweet, salty, doughy deliciousness.

Microwave magic

For those feeling next level hungry who are keen to get stuck in their leftovers, but want to step it up from the fridge, this goes down as the easiest. To prevent a soggy slice, add a half-full cup of water to the microwave with your pizza and heat for around 30 seconds. Crispiness is not guaranteed, but worth a shot.

Toasted slice sandwich

Is it a sandwich, is it a slice? Meeting somewhere in the cheesy middle, this hack takes care of two slices in one reheat. Layer two slices, toppings facing inwards, and place in a sandwich press or waffle iron for the crunchy crust on the outside and melted cheese and toppings on the inside. Need we say more?

Apply those appliances

If you’re simply looking to relive the first time around with your piping hot pizza, reheating your slice in an oven, hot pan or air fryer is your best bet. This results in a crispy base, fluffy dough and melted cheese. Patience and those appliances are going to get you closest to that fresh pizza feeling.

Toppings omelette

For anyone who has not quite come around to legitimising pizza as breakfast food, this may just change your mind. Crack a couple of eggs and scrape your leftover toppings into an omelette. Eggs equal breakfast and if anyone tells you differently, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Just don’t be too quick to ditch the crust.

Dippy crust

When you order your pizza and you know you’re likely to keep leftovers, add a dipping sauce to your cart. Now you can put any leftover crust to good use the next day by breaking them off for dipsticks with that dipping sauce. And if you’ve already made a toppings omelette, cut up all your remaining crust, reheat and you’ll have even more dough dippers.

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