WATCH: People are eating rotten raw meat in an attempt to get high

By Vuyolwethu Fundam Time of article published May 7, 2021

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Wow. Just when we thought we have seen it all. Another bizarre social media trend surfaces. People are devouring pieces of rotten raw meat in an attempt to get high. Yikes!

This bizarre trend seems to have been started by a 2017 YouTube video posted by the channel '#sv3rige'. The channel has about 90k subscribers.

In the video, the man has the meat in a jar-like glass container. He claims that it has a very strong smell like acidic mushrooms.

“Rotten food is completely something else,” he says as he eats away his “high meat”, as he calls it.

Meanwhile, people on Twitter have already jumped on this horrendous trend.

One user tweeted: “A friend convinced me to eat raw rotten meat (high meat) yesterday and it actually felt great. Very interesting since everyone would think it's crazy.”

When asked whether it made him sick or not he replied: “No not at all this is how it looked.”

Other tweeps are not impressed though and we don't blame them.

One user tweeted: “Went down a rabbit hole today of people who leave the meat out and eat it raw and honestly the pictures just constantly have me on the verge of vomiting. It might just be because food photography is hard, but...damn. I’m not converted to the ’high meat’ movement.”

We usually love our social media trends, however, we’re not so sure about this one. What about bacteria?

But, wait for it, according to this one user: “Diet rich in bacteria is necessary,” and he goes on to explain why.

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