Coffee becomes a canvas for artists
I recently received a coffee machine that will allow me to have my coffee fix the way I like it- frothy, delicious coffee. I feel like a barista right now, thanks to the machine allowing me to make my own flat white, lattes, cappuccino and macchiatos. 
I relish seeing the milk froth and then pouring it into the espresso. 

However, I fail at doing one thing: latte art. 

I've recently come across videos on social media where people are showing their skills when it comes to latte art. Forget the usual cappuccino designs- people are actually drawing pictures and taking latte art to a whole other level. It's really impressive. 

Take a lot at some of my favourite videos of people doing the most with coffee.

I keep asking myself how they are doing this. I particularly loved when he did the cherry blossom tree. 

3D coffee? Did you ever think this was possible? 

I'm just going to focus on getting simple latte art right before I venture into the more artistic side of things. Like Blair Waldorf says in Gossip Girl, 'Baby steps mon cherie, baby steps.'