Have you tried the Inception Daltjie? Picture: Fatima Sydow (Cape Malay Cooking with Fatima Sydow)

Daltjies (chilli bite) and samoosas are popular Cape Malay treats and Ramadaan favourites. 

It's usually one of the first treats Muslims have after a day of fasting.

The two are distinctly different in taste and texture and are usually served and enjoyed separately - until now.

The Inception Daltjie is what you get when a daltjie and samoosa are baked together.

Described as a daltjie in a samoosa in a daltjie, those who have tried it says the Inception Daltjie has revolutionised the humble daltjie as we know it.

This interesting concept was born out of a dream by Boeta, one of the stars from the local Facebook animation series, Daltjies and Kapparangs.

And what do you do when you dream of a unique recipe? You take the concept to the experts, of course.

With the help of cookbook author and foodie, Fatima Sydow, the Inception Daltjie has become somewhat of an internet hit and it comes just in time for Ramadaan.

The perfect daltjie is crispy outside with a light and fluffy cake-like texture inside. It’s best described as a spicy doughnut.

To get the perfect Inception Daltjie, you fry miniature daltjies and stuff it into a samoosa, after which you dip the samoosa into daltjie mix and fry it again.

The end result is a crispy treat that even left Fatima speechless.  

It even passed a taste test and impressed the panel of judges with Fahmi Jacobs describing the taste as “mouth blowing” and comedian Yaaseen Barnes saying the Inception Daltjie is king.

Could this be a new Ramadaan favourite?